Real people. Happy to not be mowing.

Erica S.

Kalamazoo, MI

“My lawn looks fresh cut every day and your trimming crews go above and beyond. Our neighbors are 'green' with envy! :)”

Erica s

Daniel G.

Tampa, FL

“I cannot praise the people at Robin Autopilot enough. They delivered and set up my mower quickly, and pretty soon “Jeffrey” was tooling around happily munching my grass. I live on a corner lot so I have a large yard, and after Jeffrey proved his worth, I gladly sold my riding mower. Now my yard looks like it was just mowed ALL THE TIME!”

Erica s

Matt M.

Need Location, USA

“I'm not embellishing when I say Robin Autopilot changed my summer. It’s amazing not having to worry about fitting mowing the lawn into my schedule and when weather permits. Since it's been installed, my lawn has stayed the same length, looked the best it ever has, and I don’t even hear it when it’s working. All I've done is watch out of fascination. Now I can’t imagine not having this service. The time it has freed up alone is well worth it. Best lawn decision I've made.”

Erica s

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