Our fleet

Why add a robot to your
lawn care service?


For reliability

Unlike most lawn services, our robots can mow every day, rain or shine. No more no-shows.

Perfect Cut

For a perfect lawn

Our robots mow non-stop so your lawn is always perfectly mowed and fertilized by the tiny clippings that fall below the grass.


For quiet mowing

Our robots are so quiet, you can run them at night. So you can keep up with the Joneses without waking them up.

Lower Cost

For reduced cost

By automating mowing, our crews can focus on other services, which lowers your overall cost of lawn care.

Zero Emissions

For sustainability

Want to make your lawn even greener? Our robots are fuel- and emissions-free, using just 11kw/H (about $2) of electricity per month.

Robots Are Cool!

For advanced technology

Anyone else on your street have a robot mowing their yard? We didn’t think so. Stay on the cutting edge of technology...literally.

Meet our fleet.


For residential use with properties under .75 acres.


For residential and commercial use on properties up to 1.25 acres. Includes advanced GPS mapping for higher efficiency and top-notch theft protection.

Echo Robotics

For commercial use, including sports turf management and corporate properties.

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